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Mission: Nourishing New Families empowers communities to thrive by providing culturally-informed family navigation services and programmatic pathways to sustainable careers. 

Vision: Communities empowered by members who have gained the knowledge they need to nurture themselves, their peers, and the community’s families as they grow and change.

Established in 2020, Nourishing New Families (NNF) is a nonprofit organization that delivers family navigation services, offering a culturally-informed, communal wraparound approach to address basic needs for families with one or more identifiable risk factors associated with poor outcomes without intervention.  

A guided journey of referral and resourcing can help families with risk factors from medical needs to benefit utilization, transportation, child care, and more. Then, we go further.

NNF also offers mobility pathways for families in economic transition through career development and skill-building in a range of careers foundational to family stability.

By removing barriers to entry and providing pathways to sustainable careers, NNF drives positive outcomes for both families and communities while reducing dependence on external support resources.

With our combination of family navigation services and career development, NNF advocates for the health of whole families and in turn, whole communities.  

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